Political HACK

Clarence Thomas- POLITICAL HACK.

Thomas actually “promoted” Trumps January 06 Capital riot on his (deleted January 08th) face book account.

In 2011-Thomas had to “amend” 20 years of financial disclosures never revealing his wife’s employment- meaning… like Trump- Thomas and his wife are lifelong TAX CHEATS.

Mainstream media neglects to report much about –“Ginni Thomas” and her involvement with Breitbart news or “Groundswell”.

Cult member Ginni- uses her ample weight and unelected privilege as battering rams for conservative treasonous agendas.

Ginni professes Christianity… yet openly promotes violence.

Secret meetings, close ties with Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn are just the tip of her sword.

Tag teaming conspiracy at the highest levels of our government-
“GRIFTER, ATTORNEY Ginni” knows she is a nobody without her supreme FLOP justice HUSBAND.

Illegal and immoral attempts to destroy progressive voting rights and democracy-
Ginni used her husband’s (Government paid) court work force as her personal conservative action committee latrine.

After January 06, (and the death of 5 people)- Ginni realized her “pro -Trump” behavior had broadcast way outside lunatic fascist lines… she issued THIS PATHETIC statement to a staff (that didn’t even work for her).

” I owe you an apology, I have likely imposed on you my lifetime passion”

“Owing” isn’t an apology.

Ginni’s Lifetime passion is HATE.

NO APOLOGY to America for wiping her big ass on our Capital.

Ginni and husband Clarence betrayed those who were murdered.

Perhaps she could fall on a plastic sword of justice in Jesus’ name instead.

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Signed: Glenn Jones