Biden’s speech (should be).

“I’m Release every J6 Transcript, every crooked Trump White House phone call- made that day”-
(Why wait?)

Republicans can then explain their “brain clogged” MESS, …every name, every lie- smeared on THEIR pipedream treason.

THIS REVEAL- will restore America, (and conserve paperwork).

We are told, 68% of delusional Republican’s party- believe the election was stolen.

Good news -a solid three-quarter majority rejected a liar’s (constipated) plumbing of autocracy.

The WINNING ¾’s- should govern with authority.

No more wringing hands over what Senate minority leader McConnell peddles.

(Say goodbye to your filibuster Mitch).

After the American civil war-
A “peace loving majority” shouldered democracy across a finish line, for EVERYONES sake.

Racists can’t bare this undisputed truth, can’t swallow their pride of “broken thinking.”

Unfortunately, our current “crack pot” Supreme Court, packs TAINTED-MONEY into every butchered decision.

Partisan gristle, burnt on a GOP dumpster fire, equals- low grade SLOP… Time to add legitimate Justices- (right now).

Trump era Court was “meat packed” with (and by) ultra conservative HACKS-
John Lewis voters rights MUST pass in 2022, Women’s rights need fully protection.

Voting rights are being incinerated across America-CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR.

Lynch mob Republicans know Biden’s election was fair-


Wealthy, influencers- (EVEN WORSE).

Personal greed and “tax cuts at any cost” FOR their “bloody” 1% clubs – (gold-plated truncheons).

Fox News, right wing media, and Facebook algorithms – echo chambers serving an entitlement class-


While-GOP CLOGS connive and whine.

Democrats WIN.

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Signed: Glenn Jones