Chernobyl: located on the Pripyat River, straddling the “line of control” between Ukraine and Russia.

A Soviet era house guest -who has never left-

A catastrophic meltdown in April 1986 rendered the surrounding area uninhabitable for about 20,000 years.

Chernobyl cost 100+ billion dollars to clean up, like Fukushima, it presents acute radiation problems that are environmentally unsolvable.

Chernobyl radiation deaths between 1990-2004 are estimated to be 200,000. Besides 30+ workers who perished (nearly immediately), definitive numbers are embarrassing (and perpetual).

350,000+ were evacuated in 1986, casualties in Europe are estimated to be 16,000+ from radiation syndrome.

Nuclear power was never safe, Russia never a good neighbor. Maybe Putin could spelunk into the reactor core and reporting why temperatures are inexplicitly rising inside?

Versed in the poisonous effects of radiation, Putin must realize the dangers of stray missiles exploding the sarcophagus entombing that reactor- (called IFS-2).

Since Russian was (still is) financially broke, this protective structure was completed by Framatome (France) in 2017, financed by a European consortium, contract expiring- 2065.

Putin Be the HERO, not a ZERO- – Jettison your billion-dollar castle, rush in for another “mission regrettable”.

Kiss your State issued Mistress adieu… (what’s her name) is chained outside til you get back!

Comrade Vlad…fly your BULLET PROOF communist party Lamborghini to Chernobyl.

Outside that failed Soviet reactor, stands a monument, dedicated to Ukraine and Russian HERO’S who UNDERSTOOD THEY were sacrificing THEIR lives for humanity.

Inscribed in brass-“THOSE WHO SAVED THE WORLD”.

Could Vlad EVER stand that tall?

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