PUTIN-on everyone’s lips

Putin’s WAR of choice.

Ukraine doesn’t want to be part of Russia.

Russians don’t want to die invading their Ukrainian neighbors… so we are left with Emperor Vlad thinking “he decides” where the borders are drawn in “Mr. Vlad’s Eastern Bloc neighborhood”.

Imagine how “the Great White Whale -Trump” would handle this crisis-“what crisis-what is a Uclaim?”.

Will Tucker Carlson tell everyone this is a great day for Autocratic-anti vax- freedom fighters?

Will Fox News bang it’s war drums? The same drum set they BANG for every other war in the last 30 years.

NATO doesn’t need OUR boots or blood on the ground- Europe just needs to boot Putin and his crooked oligarchy out of Western Banks, real estate and investments- right now is a perfect time for that withdrawal.

London is the seat of choice for big assed Russian aristocrats.
England especially- has been an enabler for money laundering, Putin’s mafia, energy barons and all the Klingons stealing from the Eastern Bloc nebula.

When the Russian ruling class gets their neck wrung financially, and Russians get tired of sons sent home in coffins- Putin will be removed by his own frenemies.

White Whale Trump- was Putin’s last hope for an American President willing to roll out a red carpet and Klingon his Kremlin ass.

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Signed: Glenn Jones