Putin’s WIFE

Putin’s Wife

Melania’s one of Putin’s many discarded mistresses- she helped Don steal boxes of top-secret documents, hid them at Mar-A-Lago, sold it to the KGB.

Melania has stood by Trump, pilfered credibility and crated anything she could steal- all the while -acting and speaking like Natasha- (spy wife of Boris) on the Bullwinkle moose cartoon.

Mainstream media never “delved into” con artist, former prostitute, FAKE wife of traitor Trump.

Melania started by plagiarizing Michele Obama, wore incorrectly spelled statements (on taxpayers’ dime) scrawled “I really don’t care …do U?” then wrapped it all up… selling hats and underwear for crypto.

The last Plane to Putinville is grounded- TIME TO swim back to Russia on your MAGA white whale lady.

Have you heard ONE WORD out of her crooked mouth condemning this Ukraine invasion?


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Signed: Glenn Jones