VICTORY-up in smoke

Old Chinese saying- “before invade Taiwan- OBSERVE Putin victory flight over Ukraine”.

Have Chinese purchase orders for Russian helicopters been canceled?

“Performance issues? lack of aircraft? LACK of limitless friendships?

I’m not celebrating anyone’s death BUT… judging from YouTube videos- Russian helicopter pilots life expectancy is about one mission – Putin should personally “fireball” one over his “SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATION” … (sooner BE better).

Don’t worry about Linsey Graham shooting YOU in the head Vlad… Linsey couldn’t shoot himself……………………………………………………out of a circus cannon.

Graham is still suckling voters under the shrinking sideshow called Trumpism.

Clown boots Trump barks “Vlad is ME- genius joined at lips”! Two idiots- one brain.

Marjorie Taylor Greene -reborn as “super war hawk”- she could bench press a T-72 tank but never enforce a “no fly zone”- Greene attracts flies like a diaper landfill of grift.

Do Georgian’s “feel safer” knowing “Goober Pea” bench-presses HER orders from Q?
Putin’s victory flight canceled … too much flak from angry MUTHA’s.

Mothers -demanding answers regarding 12,000+ Russian sons SUDDENLY- gone missing.
March Victory- up in smoke.

Vlad sent conscripts into his war zone without a map home… Putin issued mobile crematoriums instead.

Bombed Ukrainians, dead Russians, all humanity awash with more violence.

Moscow “disinformation” can only float Mr. unsinkable VLADtanic -no lifeboats in sight.

Hope we survive “anchor chain Vlad” dragging everyone to Hell.

Will Mr. cornered “RAT”- nuke our entire world?

FELLOWSHIP torpedoed by a thoughtless nobody.

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Signed: Glenn Jones