made man

Trump says “nobody has been tougher on Russia” yet Putin’s sanction of American’s doesn’t list any Orange TUFF GUYS.

Biden and Hillary got listed, even Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd can’t trade dollars for rubles now- yet Trump’s rolled a red carpet.

Three weeks plus into “Vlad’s invasion” (Trump described as genius)- yet NOW when asked what he would say to Putin?


What does this Betrayal and SILENCE say about the GOP? – Blame Biden, right? Go Brandon, right?

WRONG- it’s beyond “politics” wrong, a seismic disgrace of WRONG.

What kind of NATIONAL SECURITY MESS would Europe be in if Trump succeeded in disbanding NATO? Blackmailed Ukraine? Bowing down to Putin’s every wish. Every minute of his mutation in office-America BEHELD-

President Orange Kompromat and his Crypto currency prenup wife.

It’s NOT simply a romp with prostitutes in Moscow, -otherwise Stormy Daniels would have shamed his FAKE mumbled marriage vows.

We WILL find out what WEIRDNESS Putin has on Trump and his crooked Family.

Know this- it’s awful.

So pathetically compromised he (still) let’s this crackpot dictator smear poop on his GRATEFUL lips, Trump kneels before Putin, what Vlad says, how Putin wants it. -YES MASTER.

Trump is owned. A subservient Manchurian candidate in cartoon red ballcap, private dancing for his KGB organ grinder.

In mob parlance –“an unmade man”- a eunuch.

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Signed: Glenn Jones