piping down MAGA clogs

Want Trump to actually SHUT UP? RIGHT NOW? –

IF our Justice Department ever drags him into an actual Court of Law- RUNNING HIS big MOUTH will be over.

Trump’s (April 06 Washington Post)- interview is another benchmark of grift, dog whistles and video proof he WAS (and IS STILL) responsible for a violent attack.

Listening Merritt Garland?

Capital police died because of Trump.

Same guy who has never once offered consolation to the Family of Officer Brian Sicknick.

A 7-hour gap in White House phone logs during January 06- THAT’S inditement enough.

Dereliction of duty and treason while watching HIS EVIL PLANS unfold on TV- doing nothing, – GUILTY-(proof positive).

Blaming Capital police and Nancy Pelosi “is logical”, if you are a shallow, racist, sociopathic liar.

Point by point interview denunciations are unnecessary.

Trump’s ENTIRE Mar-O-Cheeseburger interview was a sly, “happy meal”” self-promotion – getting out ahead of reality.

Mr. Self-promotor needs to “pimp” his weirdo fringe media narrative… because eventually- a Justice Department cement mixer will pour out his political tombstone.

The coward never marched on the Capital himself- he encouraged MAGA sops like Ginni Thomas to carry his toilet stench… she did.

With bells on her feet, and a poop ring around her stinky finger, Ginni determined her paper work (delivered daily)- was worthy of a Supreme Court constitutional.

If MAGA (crooked attorney) John Eastman- actually had a moral center of gravity, he and Trump would be proud to say what they did, in court, under oath-RIGHT NOW.

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Signed: Glenn Jones