Victory Charade

Save the date COMRADES!

May 9th – Moscow-

An abbreviated armed forces VICTORY CHARADE of rattling hospital gurney’s- slogging past he-man- skirtless- Vladimir Putin.

May Vlad live as long as he deserves!

Enlarged hologram of Putin will float “head and shoulders” above empty seats- HIS recently shot generals.

(Virtual reality -avoids risk of -stray sniper bullets).

Ukraine Liberation Day- (a phrase) Tucker Carlson coined on Russian Fox TV just yesterday- (same day he was born).

Tucker shall forever assume HIS (honorary lap dog) position under Vlad’s gilded throne.

Fox News -phonetically sounds (IN RUSSIAN) like –“fetch, roll over, speak”!

Oligarch’s 400-meter yachts being dragged through Red Square by 40,000 weeping mothers.

One Hull of a slight.

Charred, turretless, T-74’s yanked behind Ukrainian farm tractors-Soviet crews – mission regrettable.

Definition of- GRIM HARVEST… Moscow’s elite… thinning down the young male herd, is called “MOREFUR-BORIS-LESFOR UCHEK.

Former helicopter pilots- (A Moment of silence PLEASE)- flight school graduation pictures appearing on the parade jumbotron- just went blank again.

A Kremlin “no-fly zone”, means Chinese aviation orders – ARE KAPUTNIC.

Chinese Communist Xi refer to “agreement of bottomless friendship”-as Vlad- latrine.

BEHOLD- antiwar protesters -beaten unconscious, 15 years of reeducation in Siberian, just “Volunteered”

I spy- ONE RAY OF SLUMSHINE- the din whit of ONE HAND CLAPPING- from his private Moscow VIP Tower, – It’s Donald Chump and wife-Stormyia!

The camera zooms in to Mr. Cheeseburger -Nazi saluting…” Vlad WE GENIUS! Have YOU never SEEN so many TANKS?”

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Signed: Glenn Jones