Clarence Thomas was entirely unqualified
Without any actual relevant legal expertise
When Coke Can Clarence was given a seat
On the Supreme Court in 1991 by a Nazi.
George Bush, Sr. whose 1988 campaign
Was partially run by real life paleo-Nazis,
Let six Nazi leaders go to look less insane.
With bus loads of right-wingers being used,
Neo-Nazi skinheads up front at Bush stops
And Bush-loving cops ignoring racist brutes
The then Vice President George H.W. Bush
Held a campaign rally in my CA home town
Back in 1988 so filled with ugly racist hate.
Down front with my Dukakis sign at age 15
Neo-Nazis started shoving me, so you see,
I shoved them back all the way to Germany!
I got my point across then just as I do now,
Never having been one who is easily cowed.
So listen up Judge Clarence T the sex freak,
Yes, Anita Hill told the truth, you sick perv!
And Clarence is married to a criminal, Ginni
Who couldn’t steal the 2020 election, girl.
Clarence’s wife kept texting Mark Meadows
To get Trump to go to the Supreme Court
Like in 2000 to resort to judicial thievery!
Ginni Thomas should be in jail as we speak.
But now at age 73, sick Clarence T is elderly
And was hospitalized recently, but is still ill.
Clarence’s pubic hair on the coke can joke
Was just as stupid as Clarence is personally!
Clarence Thomas should resign, or instead
Clarence T should be impeached and tried.
But this is much less likely than what they’ll
Say by 2023, that Justice Thomas has died.
Then President Biden will be able to choose
Another great court pick with liberal views.

Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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Signed: Jake Pickering