Battleship Moscow sank to the bottom of the Black Sea- drowning crew, (NOT OFFICERS).

don’t tell mum.

Putin never ASK Russian Mom’s to go to war- he TOLD Russian conscripts it was a “liberation”- alas… his special military operation is already-

COMRADES- bring parade uniforms (or diving gear), because (after Kiev surrenders)- you can drive (or swim) your torpedoed armored vehicles – straight to Vlad’s Moscow- May 9th VICTORY DAY CELEBRATION.

Before Putin’s WAR he televised a cabinet meeting… (projecting urgency with manly discussions), everyone in the Vladarium had their chance “to praise” Mr. Spiders (genius) decision.

Call it- “complicity day” bitches!

“It’s a COMPLICIT web you weave fearless warspider” – (same twitching body language) a housefly exhibits- before being punctured with venom.

(One complicit meeting later)… Officer lackey’s- (GUTS)- were liquified into oligarch goo (spider food).

See for yourself, (on YouTube) – Putin brow beating Naryshkin and others into puppet submission.

Vlad enjoyed taunting them,
-“Putin words in their splintered little puppet holes”

Ministers wiped sweaty wooden faces WHILE hoisted half-mast in Vlad’s icy-conditioned silk palace.

Putin pathetic spectacle would give Stalin the creeps- (and Stalin’s mummified).
“This is a historic blunder…(I MEAN)- outreach- fearless leader; you ALONE are smart enough to liberate, (destroy) Ukraine”.

Each communist officer, dutifully secreted out… cringing vladitude, knowing… dearest leader won’t go down with his slip.

Mr. Stalin, I mean-(Vlad) was very pleased! – No other shrimpy arachnid could dare spawn such commanding- idiotic decisions-ALONE.

Putin’s pride is clearly the biggest hole in the Moscow- Putin’s open hatch- sank that flagship.

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Signed: Glenn Jones