Shape up or SHIP OUT

Logical, liberal editorials are mostly -yesterday’s news, long winded apologies – smacking of cluelessness, faux surprise, shock and awe.

White nationalist- Ginni Thomas, Kravin McCarthy, racist Greene, and grifter Trump ARE THE SWAMP… flushing ever downward, flames ever higher. Look up in the sky! It’s another WITCH HUNT!

Editorials and cartoons simply can’t catch up to their broken sewer pipe of affluence.

GOP, MAGA, Q people involved with Trump’s insurrection must be garbage barged to the middle of the ocean -EITHER swim to FREEDOM- or burn with Trump’s Trash and Putin’s politics.

NOBODY at the highest level of TRUMP’S TREASON is the least bit worried about going to prison. Greene- under oath, smugly can’t recall anything.

Tax exempt Christian outrage, FAKE preaching and HATE grifting.

NO separation of THEIR Church and OUR State… – BURN IN HELL liberals. Burning witches, burning books, the Capital- burn it down.

Normal people figured Trump’s malfunction would dissipate, blow over, wise up, and move on…………………..NOPE.

Anything Trump appointed to our Federal and Supreme Court is BURNT RUBBISH.

Ginni Thomas crooked, two-faced husband is a judicial poser, buffoon and stooge – both Thomas and wife are proven tax cheats.

Liberal editorials “dance around calling that wicked kettle of crap” –BLACK.

Follow their GREEN, a PHONY Christian money trail trampled by carpet baggers- straight to hell.

BRIBED, TAX CHEATING, INNSERECTIONISTS on OUR Supreme Court- getting (and giving) other crooks a FLEA PASS… at what is officially a GOP flea circus demolition derby.

Watch MAGA burn AMERICA down.

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Signed: Glenn Jones