the other WHITE MEAT

MUSK-jet set, loose cannon, trillionaire- MAKE WAY- poor folk.

Does Musk pay fair taxes? Is he a battery powered modern day- internationalist?

Musk’s bellicose opinions rocket American politics- YET he zips HIS snarky wallet and lip service- when it comes to Chinese communist politics.

Chairman Xi holds Musk’s leash- “sit down capitalist, shut up live market- Muskpig”.

Forcing hourly employees to listen -as BLARRING right wing talk show garbage cycles all day- Big Pigs have no idea how disenfranchised people survive.

Twitter means- black, gay, female, pro union- become invisible.
Musk made HIS opinions about unions and WOKE thinking abundantly visible- F- them.

Newly acquired Twitter “free speech” platform – PERFECT media brick bat FOR deboning thread bare union types.

Trump was banned for good reason, screaming FIRE in a theatre, burned OUR Capital down.

Twice impeached Trump has a NEW BITCH- and his old red carpet to shit on- Thanks Elon.

How much human value and diversity are going to be cannibalized by Musk swinging machetes?

Twitter lynch mob rubbish, MEANS- “plausible deniability”- (THEY said IT, not… meme).

The Supreme Court crept MONSTER money back into politics- liberty gets another beat down.

Southern states revisiting Jim Crow voting laws-celebrate- REBEL Musk owning Twitter.

EEhaW -space trash rebel!

Perhaps “Massa Musk” should just buy the Confederacy- and outlaw nEGrO UNIONS.

The FCC has done a terrible job safeguarding PUBLIC AIRWAVES and BANDWIDTH CIVILITY.

Musk’s machete is a two-edge sword.

WILL POOR earthlings eat the rich?

Muskpig – the trillionaire white meat.

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Signed: Glenn Jones