SCOTUS leaker ginni

Ginni Thomas – SCOTUS leaker.

Ginni and Clarence Thomas released that Supreme Court document- they hoped THIS distraction would take scrutiny off THEIR PERSONAL tax cheating, lies, TREASON and GRIFT.

With SO much criminality- slopped on Ginni’s -ALL SHE CAN EAT plate- Thomas had nothing to lose- except weight.

Why Wait?

Ginni ain’t NO WAIT WATCHER!!- she’s a plate crusher- a steam powered eating machine with pork barrel$ in both ears.

Ginni has been to so many “GOP insurrection gala banquet dinners”- she gets VIP “double parked” as a red whale.

Sporting a Statue of Liberty foam hat, and wearing a GOP table cloth- she and Thomas displace more logic than a supertanker stuck in the Suez Canal.

Team Ginni barges into IHOP’s until the floor collapses, syrup bankrupt- belly up.

“What the fork dude!”

Ginni is basically a cult fabricated, Christian TERRORIST who hijacked an equally corrupt LARD BUCKET Court Justice named Clarence “THE GRAVY TRAIN” Thomas.

Together- Salt-n-Peppa crashed Trump’s WHITEST HOUSE.

Trump said- “bilge pump your personal cesspool OF CRAP directly into my clubs” Stupid people are expendable body armor at Trump GRIFT INC.

It might seem counter intuitive to surround yourself with the “fart of the land”, but Trump realizes “effluence buying” means -WEAK-MINDED Teletubby’s go to slaughter YEARS before King Pork Chop.

A competitive eating strategy based on NEVER FINISHED LINE.

Trump’s (big ass loser club) never got up from tub tables- owners of (now) bankrupted Chinese Buffet said-“THAT’S ALL YOU CAN EAT- FOOLS”

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Signed: Glenn Jones