MANsplaining Women

Federalist Society/ Women haters.

White, ultra-Christian conservatives creep out of dark ages and closets to- lie, cheat, and steal- legitimate constitutional rulings, all in broad daylight.

Our Constitution isn’t that complicated- (unless you are a member of the “Federalist Society”)- WHO relentlessly invent restrictions on freedom, voting and equality.

Many deem themselves “ORIGINALISTS”.

If “Originalists” adhered to these indefensible beliefs- OUR original Constitutional is simply a Biblical stone tablet- handed down from Moses… (I mean OUR FOUNDING FATHERS)- there wouldn’t be a single black faces or women on a court.

Weaponizing “Federalist STUPIDITY” Landowners may now resume branding slaves, burning witches and killing what’s left of native Americans.

Notice “Originalists” never mention OUR FOUNDING MOTHERS- (women legally- don’t really exist).

A (backwards leaning twister game) Originalists decisively bend towards wealthy, privileged, elitist legislation…

Thanks! …………………………………………………………religious, Taliban, GOP, mafia!

Modern day update- change OWNERS to “CORPORATIONS”. (Thine servitude-Twas ever Thus!)

Originalists “flex like gumby” IF it involves “corporate money”- yet curiously… shrink into ridged toadstools if legal protections involve- women’s rights, human rights or voting transparency.

For decades- Originalists think tanks condescendingly pontificate-


defective, antiquated, electoral voting and why “average citizens” need buggies, a horse named glue and painful crooked stools.

Equal rights and pay? – that’s LIBERAL “scary science fiction shit Bro”-like electric cars or the freedom to marry who you want.

“One person- one vote” – way too much TRUTH, JUSTICE and LOGIC for Originalist omnipotence.

Alito’s “originalist” HACK Supreme Court just decreed- their Church is NOW- your State.

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Signed: Glenn Jones