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Radek Gabriel “RG” Karkovský is a cartoonist, author, ukulele player, college lecturer and teacher born in early 1990s. He has found home in several European cities – including Prague, Liège, Utrecht, Edinburgh, or Firenze – which has influenced his cosmopolitan creativity. Passionate about all forms of art, RG studied Literature and Arts at the Charles University and the University of Liège, and he currently does his PhD at contemporary Belgian comics and literature.

Influenced by the works of Mel Calman, Saul Steinberg, Charles Barsotti, James Thurber and Matt Groening, RG started to draw his own cartoons in college. His cartooning style is often described as simple, minimalist, versatile, functional, and naive. Apart from cartooning, RG enjoys writing short stories and scripts, playing ukulele, teaching, drinking coffee, and eating pizza. He is fluent in French, English, and Czech, with knowledge of Italian, Catalan, Dutch, and Polish.

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