Right-wing racist Reverend Bramwell
Doesn’t believe that Black lives matter,
Because Rev. Tyrel Bramwell is a bigot.
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Ferndale
Should ask that embarrassment to quit.
Christianity is on the decline in America
And has been ever since Sept. 11, 2001.
Fake “Christians” defame Jesus’ name
By revering Trump who is totally insane.
In 2011, 75% were Christian in the U.S.,
But as of 2021, it dropped to only 62%.
All the fault of GOP charlatans who lie,
Like this Ferndale Republican guy Tyrel
Who is on the highway straight to Hell.
Jesus, please save us from your flock!
They worship a golden calf named Don!
What we need now is that old gray Jew
Moses to do what he’s known to do –
Smash God’s stone tablets to bits and
Command the GOP heretics to stop it!
Merging right-wing politics and religion
Is what killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11.
And, oh yeah, in case you were unaware,
Jesus had kinky hair like wool according
To Revelations 1:13-15, and his feet were
Like burnished bronze. He wasn’t Aryan!
Jesus Christ spent half his life in Africa.
Jesus was Black, y’all. No protestations.
BLACK LIVES MATTER! Oh yes they do…
Tell Tyrel Bramwell Jesus was also a Jew.
After which, Ferndale’s racist racketeer
Will go on GOP radio to hate on queers.
Whatever Tyrel Bramwell is preaching
Has nothing at all to do with Christianity.
Bramwell is a disgrace to his seminary.


Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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Signed: Jake Pickering