what happened to Q


Qanon has been debunked.
A GRIFT purposely floated on Trumps watch… inflating Trump’s -plausible deniability rafts of manure.

Qanon was NO coincidence.

Right wing extremists mainstreamed “Q” (a so-called) TOP-SECRET CLEARANCE HERO with secret agent mystique, and “actionable” insider information.

MEANWHILE- (on snowflake island) …Picture Democrats… inventing “T”- liberalisms magical unicorn savior!

Liberals… (staring into space) …awaiting “T”ruthy broadcasts from distant “Blue Soros Nebula” …Yeah- Q was- exactly-that F**ing STUPID.

The number of Citizens needlessly dead from Covid, says… GOP America is MEAN PERSON -ground zero.

Beyond ignorance, beneath education, over-militarized Evangelists – CRINGEWORTHY GOP SHEEP.

Q- doesn’t suck cigars or whine like now dead, racist, eyesore, crybaby…Rush Limbaugh.

Midway carnival barker Q -shilled disinformation, fleecing a GOP freakshow herd.


Rush’s-woman hating behavior never found fertile mainstream appeal, so Q -raised the hayseeds.

TALKradio’s- LATEST INVENTION- an invisible, irrefutable, unknowable DUPE… a CULT… YOU (and your family) -could actually DIE- FOLLOWING.

“Qanon”= Limbaugh’s (minus) “ditto head” sideshows.

Q worship- practiced by- RABID, Republican, moose- “Marginally” Taylored Greene.

Linguist detectives identified South African software developer-Paul Furber, and American Ron Watkins as Q grift -puppeteers.

Both “deny being Q”- yet strongly “agree with Q conspiracy theory”- Gosh… what a Qoincidence!

Watkins- campaign financing- is up to his Q balls in criminal self-promotion … Watkins is running as REPUBLICAN Arizona-TURD-Qongressman…

Stay tuned… for morON… Implausible- undeniability.

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Signed: Glenn Jones