waddling, meddling, present -among ZILLIONAIRES in Davos.

At 99- Kissinger- pompously- wears those two faces- Sooo well- bad and worse.

How “ghoulish” you looked in that photograph – (you with Putin)- a treasured “circling” keepsake.

Vultures of a treasure.

Navigating Vlad’s brutal flight across Ukraine… Putin depends on Kissinger types as “silk suited mercenaries.”

KOWTOWING dented your big head Henry- same bruising Trump received touting Moscow towers Casino parking garage.

Kissinger pragmatically bleated “Ukraine should just take one for the scheme”- Afterall… when Vlad burns down HIS home, rapes HIS family… surely- Henry will shoot HIS barking poodle as goodwill gesture honoring Russian looters.

Vlad’s stumble … reminds aristocrats -“keep friends distant, and enemies even more distant”.

Did I muck up an old saying- Ol Chap? SORRY …Kissinger’s skillful at shoveling muck!

In EVERY respect Henry- your SKULLS have terrified smaller countries… for decades.

Trump, Vlad, Kissinger……………..reserved seating at the hors d’ oeuvres stable- SUCKING CLAWS!

In Switzerland- it’s undiplomatic of you people- rummaging about like a jack asses-
braying for bigger feed buckets.

Unlimited wealth- bulletproof cocoons!

Vlad gates his secret mistresse$e$ HIS claws bury stolen Billions here.

Oligarchs’ prey- (in Russian)- “May you live as long as you deserve”, (I mean- GROVEL).

Net worthlessness adds gravity to your waste line Henry, “merely an eye dropper” compared to the bloated CACOPHONY you covet.

Wallowing about for photo Ops like an old hermit crab? – it suits you, Henry!

– I mean… YOUR-scavenging Ukrainian dead- POCKETING gold wedding rings.

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Signed: Glenn Jones