beg barrow steal reveal

SOME Liberals actually think republicans- will turn from “evil behavior” AFTER this big 06 REVEAL.

Wishfully dreaming- “even uglier” facts might protect democracy from lunatic GOP lynch mobs.

TREASON, HATE, CRIMINALITY- GOP marching orders under sick fascist banners.

(END TIMES) evangelical churches weaponized it; political crooks-signed, sealed, delivered it.

A few embarrassed Republicans- might cash-out (banana republicanism) early.

Everyone knows -IT WAS A PLANNED COUP- (violence, murders). Pentagon Generals purposely did nothing, hack Lawyers like Eastman scripted it.

Inciteful conversations -recorded.

America watched a choreographed riot, (Trump’s plan- executed)- on live TV.

Trump composed “hang Mike Pence”. Ginni Thomas greased bullets in her womb, Meadows smoked documents. ATTACK-DESTROY-KILL.

Everyone involved should have been stripped of rank, duty and station-ON Jan 07 2021.

Anyone complicit (should be) tarred, feathered-marched butt naked to prison… injustice FREE PASSES -because this is a fake REPUBLIC-not a REAL democracy.

Expect- FAILURE, PLEADING, BEGGING- (by Democrats).

A majority is told what, when, where and how- by a SELFISH minority.

UBER-WEALTHY use uber stupid, religious, angry, racists to chisel power.

Exactly why- Trump types- love Putin types.

Trump never disowned HIS insurrection, NO remorse for Police he sacrificed (on his alter) in OUR Capital- On HIS command.

Clearly defined- premeditated murder- GUILTY of TREASON.

TOP EXECUTIVE- Trump’s /explicit /personal /directives.

Running again 2024?



In the next few weeks, irrefutable evidence will prove -TRUMP KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE TO STEAL YOUR FREEDOM for SELF- AGGRANDIZEMENT.

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Signed: Glenn Jones