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Prior to January 20, 2017, the American people have never had to endure the toxic combination of four years of obscenely corrupt personal and official conduct, unparalleled craven cowardice, and truly transparent treason from a president of the United States, until Donald O.J. Trump (R-Moscow) stole the 2016 presidential election with illegal assistance from Trump’s boss Vladimir Putin.
To compare Donald Trump to Benedict Arnold would be an insult to General Arnold! Trump the traitor desperately wanted to make himself King of America by way of widespread election fraud in Republican-controlled, gerrymandered racist police states (like Texas and Florida for instance) where right-wing Republicans revere greedy televangelist charlatans who broadcast their laughable lies that God Almighty is somehow a beggar who needs your money, so that those creepy, deep-Southern pedophile preachers can misuse your funds to purchase new private planes.
Maybe it’s just me (or just most Americans) but I’m not about to take anyone who “speaks in tongues” or tosses poisonous snakes around their Holy Roller hillbilly church seriously about anything, let alone on questions of constitutional governance! Stay in your lane, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. Politics isn’t your thing – lying, cheating, stealing and molesting is. Just pray Jesus doesn’t come back someday, because y’all hate-filled hypocrites are in big trouble!
But before all you psychotic Trump sycophants crawl back into your GOP spider holes after Republicans (against all odds and conservative corporate media “conventional wisdom”) lose the 2022 mid-term elections as a result of selfish, extremist Republican candidates self-destructing spectacularly in the political equivalent of a circular firing squad, make sure you renominate Trump for president in 2024! Do the Democrats a favor once again. Donald Trump isn’t just history’s sorest and biggest loser, Trump is a sure loser. If the GOP runs Trump in 2024, the GOP loses.

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Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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