Mess with Texas

Uvalde Texas Parents wonder what “Don’t mess with Texas”-really means.

What sort of a MEAT PACKING, GUN TOTING, ANGRY- State slogan is this anyways?

NRA industrialists, GOP Abbott, CanCruz, and Trump’s GRIFT INC.-

an ALAMO SIZED slaughterhouse.

All day- Authorities allow stupid people to walk around armed to the teeth- …but NOT at Trump rally’s- NO GUNS ALLOWED Y’ALL.

GOP HYPOCRISY -NO WEAPONS -when Trump, Cruz or Greg Abbott- BABEL at public events.

Former mayor of Waco here- (revisiting memory lane), …arresting David Koresh, UNARMED, in broad daylight, while he was grocery shopping, days earlier… would have been easy-

KILLIN is the point Y’all- MESS is RIGHT! -House rules.

3 wagons circled- JUDGE, JURY, and EXECUTIONER- (Why hold em poker).

Having an FBI command post means- negotiations were never on the table.

In a hail of their own ricochet …four agents died. Dealing out revenge- just RAZED Branch Davidian’s steaks to our front burner.

A pre-deployed National Guard (flame thrower) tank was on site… JUST in case we needed to incinerate that weirdo religious compound.

FULL House -burns it down.

Two pregnant White Christian women and 25 Children- burnt alive.

Praise Jesus, pass Abbott another incendiary 40mm round.

Ted Cruz- RUSSIAN ROULETTE strategy-

NO witnesses, NO evidence NO accountability! All that NOthin- means -Myth makin and tall talkin, like…

“Dah only thing that can stop bad men with guns -are elementary children returning fire with Texas anti-tank missiles”

… Yup-AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT-their last resort, is our only idiotic plan.

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Signed: Glenn Jones