Amber Heard Loses Shirt – Johnny Depp Saves Face & Swagger!

Johnny Depp Saves Face

Satirical Courtroom Quotes after Johnny Depp saves face in the thrilling Defamation Trial!

Being that this is my 7th & last article on this trial – hold the applause haha… Amber Heard & I are going for broke!

Yes!  The Infamous Pirate saves face, clearing his name. The verdict was all we could’ve wished for – but, we loyal Court Voyeurs felt cheated: No one went to Jail, no one went to the Loony Bin & we didn’t even see money changing hands!

For G-d’s sake, at least show us what $50 Million dollars looks like & while you’re at it – wheel it out in a snarly old Dead Man’s Chest!

But, thankfully I got a few satirical quotes for my troubles! 

Here’s just a few from the cast of characters who were thrilled to share their thoughts after the trial was over.

AMBER HEARD: ‘Elon, can you spare a dime’?

ELON MUSK: ‘Amber who’?


MAURY POVICH: ‘BTW – He is Not the Father’!


AMBER HEARD: ‘Does wearing a ‘Scarlet A’ make me look fat’?

saves face

Sister WHITNEY: ‘Family Reunion still on for Siberia, right’?

saves face

Amber’s Lawyer ELAINE BREDEHOFT: ‘Where’s my Wallet’?

Amber Heard

Amber’s Lawyer BEN ROTTENBORN: ‘Pretend you don’t see me’!

saves face

Johnny’s Lawyer BEN CHEW: ‘I’ll sign the autograph – but I’m not Walter Mathau’!


BOB from ‘HOLLYWOOD KITCHEN DESIGNS’: ‘Call me! No Glass Cabinet Doors’!


PRINCE ANDREW: ‘Sorry Mates – wrong Courtroom’!


And…JOHNNY DEPP: ‘No more Blind Dates’!

saves face

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