It’s All About DEPP Perception: We All See Johnny’s Plight Differently

DEPP Perception

DEPP Perception: A world-wide televised Movie Star trial – not of Crime, but for defamation of 2 Characters!

DEPP Perception

By all accounts, this is not a murder case, but it could’ve been! But how you see it is all about your “DEPP Perception”.

As luck would have it – it’s only a Defamation of Character case brought by Johnny Depp against his young ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 Million!

But it could turn into a murder case if there’s any more feces found on his side of the bed!

Not to mention, mad at himself for not getting that pre-nup signed that he handed her before their 2015 wedding.  He said she refused to sign & added, ‘She didn’t take it well’!

After they were divorced, his wife wrote an Opinion Essay published in The Washington Post never mentioning Johnny Depp by name, but called herself a victim of domestic violence.

This caused him to file this court document & here we are listening to his early drug use starting at age 15 to dull the pain of abuse by his mother.

He continued to use something for the rest of his life except (I assume) for his time this week on the witness stand portraying the role of ‘Bruised husband at the hands of a dangerous borderline personality disordered wife’.

I bought it – but I also bought a Yugo!

Would it help if I told you that their Marriage Counselor saw this couple’s 2 year marriage troubles as mutual abuse; triggered by the instigator wife?

And, the Counselor has no dog in this fight!  Okay, during their session her dog wagged its tail when Johnny poured a little Rose in his bowl!

Since we’re not all Marriage Counselors, but simply must share our opinion or die… Depending on our individual “DEPP Perception,” SOME OF US see this as a lifetime of abusing substances interrupted by a charming-twinkle-in-his-eye actor in spectacular money-making movies with Action Figure Toys & Disney chazerai!

SOME OF US see a kind man of enormous wealth & talent who didn’t do a Google Mental Search on his future Mrs. to be!

And, THE REST OF US see a *Bi-sexual-money-grubbing-narcissistic-bully with a handy-dandy hidden audio & video camera!

*Nothing against Bi-sexual’s – but I’d like to!  Haha

Okay, maybe just one time!

In the Defense Lawyer’s Opening Statement, he asked the Jury to give their Judgment only for the 1st Amendment & nothing more!

In my pajamas, I yelled ‘I object’ & my cat threw up a hairball! 

I’ll never get thru this trial!

When he asked the Jury to forget who’s winning in the Social Media Busybodies Polls & forget whether you think Ms. Heard goaded Mr. Depp into abusing her or not – well, that’s when my eyes glazed over.

As of now, the trial is still on-going & Amber Heard has yet to be heard on the witness stand where we expect she will spill all the beans & the booze…you see, her lawyer has already written the Screenplay & they’re trying for a Musical!

But seriously, when Ms. Heard chose to instigate the abuse & not leave the marriage before it could escalate – I believe she forfeited the right to shield herself with that precious Amendment – Freedom of Speech.

As for the Post-nup the ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ star is still chewing on – I say, ‘The Wench left you without a peg-leg to stand on’!  Arrrrh!

DEPP Perception

Marilyn Sands