Rat-a-tat-tat, DONALD TRUMP’S FAT


Rat-a-tat-tat, DONALD TRUMP’S FAT



It’s capitalist criminal competition time. Organized crime is an inevitability, and the whack job web of White supremacist armed gang affiliates, or as they’re called on fake, fascist Fox News – militias – are on their way to federal prison en masse soon enough, so like it was more than 30 years ago, it’s time once again for the freedom fighters to step in.
“Red or Blue, Cuz or Blood, it just don’t matter”, said Ice-T, “Sucker dive for your life when my shotgun scatters.” Proud Boys? Oath Keepers? Klan members? Far too much far-right inbreeding going on down there in Dixie. Lock them up! (Or better yet, leave them on the streets as subhuman targets.)
Open up a fully-armed, far-left freedom franchise in your neck-of-the-woods and mow these mindless morons down! Take over your backwards, backwoods hillbilly hometown with high-powered weaponry courtesy of the Golden State. You’re welcome, G. Kill Nazis.
We Californians are already picking up the federal income tax tab for the right-wing, ruby Red welfare states run into the ground by Republican racists, so why not modernize the former Confederacy’s criminal culture, if nothing else? Bring some style to a dung pile. And cleanse the body politic while you’re at it. Don’t stand back. Don’t stand by.
“The gangs of L.A. will never die, just multiply.” ~~~ Ice-T (from the song “Colors” released in 1988)


Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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Signed: Jake Pickering