crumb to JESUS

Weaponizing Christianity was Trump’s most clever perversion, to insure- his personal -FASCISM.

Whatever oath MAGA “pledged” to our Constitution, is continuously “Trumped” – by allegiance to elitist, anti-democratic, intertwined, secret, religious, societies- (of which there are many).

Self-righteous Peter Navarro amplifies- GOP revenge plans.

Indignant, threatening, retaliating (while indicted) … Harvard educated, super entitled Navarro- screeches and threatens everyone-

Navarro needs a leash.

Navarro believes “never jail” is tattooed on his Park Place.

Creepy, secretive, self-aggrandizements bind, Ginni Thomas, Amy Coney Barrett and former AG Bill Barr to crackpot conspiracies.

Elected officials shouting “non-believers shall burn in Hell” is disqualifying enough.

Secret Society- Public Officials? (No thanks)- America doesn’t need evangelical, Taliban, attack bots.

Expecting America to legitimize “patriot prayer” and “make-believe” Christian baggage claims- fractures what remains of separation between Church and State.

Bill Barr exemplifies what’s wrong and “way” beyond any normal spectrum of conservative ideology.

Barr is a current member of “Opus Dei” a delusional Spanish Christian Sect that supported Franco and Hitler during WWII… (nothing’s changed).

Crooked inquisitions evolved directly into the Federalist Society (and others).

Religious monsters (disguised) as movers and shakers.

Barr’s father, (headmaster of Dalton prep school in New York) hired pedophile Jeffery Epstein to teach math, Daddy Barr was canned for substandard hiring practices, he enabled (non-college, unqualified) Epstein’s exploits to diversify.

Recent history…AG Bill Barr refused to recuse himself from Epstein’s trials, felony, friendships, and past dealings.

This MANY CROOKS …(overlapping)… NO coincidence.

GOP orthodoxy = FASCIST, Religious, racist, violent, FRAUD.

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Signed: Glenn Jones