Taylor Swift Syndrome

Taylor Swift Syndrome

Scientific studies conclude 98.7% of the Rioters at Trump’s J6 insurrection suffer Taylor Swift Syndrome (TSS).

In layman’s terms- ultra conservative American males are devolving into whinners.

“Ideal women” have already walked out of male centric dead-ends.

Can’t imagine why “girl next door” is revolted by table cloth TRUMP flags waving from monster trucks? belching exhaust down main street?

Sporting plastic bulls’ balls on a trailer hitch? vulgar bumper stickers? (same maturity)-

MAGA cavemen- converged on our Capital HATING EVERYTHING.

Do they have children? is this what they teach Junior?

Anyone want to snuggle a “proud boy”? …no takers.

Desirable Gals might still want to take a vow- just not WITH some trigger happy, shot himself, one eyed “oath keeper.”

Cooking, cleaning, caretaking, polishing NAZI jackboots? (mancave 101), and WOMEN HATERS wonder?? why there are… no women??

Yes Bubba- you are indeed, a real “keeper”.

Divorced? Unemployed? living in your parents’ basement? spending valuable CHANGE on more guns and ammo?

BETTER-keep that bitter change boyz.

Want a career? Check your local Community College.

Need change? -MOVE.

Like weapons? shooting? Defending America? BE a respectable soldier- YES SIR-join the “ACTUAL” Army.

Retire (with honor) from our Armed Forces. THANK YOU, SIR.

Taylor Swift is a role model for anyone, anywhere, deciding- it’s my life, I’m not hurting anyone, none of your business if I do (or don’t) sing country music.

Don’t waste another second hating who’s different from you.


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Signed: Glenn Jones