VP Pence “I’m not getting in that car”- Mike didn’t trust “his own” Secret Service protection- agents beholden to a PSYCHO KILLER.

Simple- MURDER Pence – declare martial law/ STEAL victory.

TRUMP’S DREAM- (gallows rope) … missed Pence- by 40 feet.

45 greasy cheese burgers later… Riding his POTUS snail,

Trumpzilla arrives-


bleeding to death on our Capital steps, (impaled on spearpoint) of an American flag –bubbles Mike Pence (home stretched).

Trump yanks oxygen tubes and life support from his VP- “GIVE HIM SPACE-let him speak, go ahead Mike- your last (gasping) words into my ears alone”!

“That’s right Mikey-I alone can fix it, YES…President for life- anointed by God!

HERE -let me ease your suffering (cowardly) life- I’ll stuff a personally autographed Bible down yer throat …YEAH-he’s DEAD”.

Had Martial law been declared- WE would NEVER have seen -video of GOP Congressman Loudermilk’s Capital RECON mission.

Indisputable FACT- Loudermilk’s “so called tourist pal” (NEXT DAY/ Jan06) wore military gear, with helmet.

Brandishing a deadly STEEL TIP weapon- (fixed on his American flag SPEAR)- another MAGA soldier -ready to kill.

Earlier VIDEO- (same tourist) boasted “HIS WEAPON IS intended for ENEMY Democrats” -KILLER rattled off human targets.


NO-just- “moving on” to our next election.

Trump’s ATTACK – planned, premeditated -EXECUTED in “granular” DETAILS.

Officer Brain Sicknick was MURDERED- others died.

Pence, (yet to testify) – One limo ride away from “meeting his FAKER”

(SLOW on the UPTAKE Mike??)- insurrection (CODE)- “be there-be wild” (MEANT) show up-

MURDER people.

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Signed: Glenn Jones