LIVING the Scheme-(revision)- a slightly better laugh

Living the Scheme.
Donald Trump insured his former wife was buried “one putz away” at 1st hole of his Westminster NJ golf resort.
Using Ivana’s “still warm body” as a cemetery TAX WRITE OFF EXEMPTION-(par for his course).
Buried alive with fake jewelry insurance claims… Ivana’s not even dead… yet still serving as a stiff on the board.
True story.
Melania’s figure will be preserved as a (sort of) – concrete “negro lawn jockey” at Mar-a-Lago’s driveway.
Melania dimwitted smile will forever be looking up… holding some BIG asses’ reigns… on soiled knees.
Melania’s flathead -will be a perfectly STIFF platter for 45 cheeseburgers and a diet Coke.
In a concrete white hat- Melania won’t feel a thing- and will “wear it well”- (isn’t that what Donny tells em all) since his last oil change?

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