Shouting into broken megaPHONY- Steve Bannon- homeless millionaire.
Michael Flynn- Toy soldier -Russian TRAITOR.
Rudi Giuliani- Mayor of “FAKE belief”-SWEATING lies.
Steve Meadows- Animal House -FRAT Lawyer.
Sidney Powell- Beaver faced attorney of the DAMNED.
AG MEALY mouthed TOAD- (lowest) Barr.
LOBOTOMY broadcasting- FUx News.
Qanon Pillow Guy- RUBBISH shiller.
Zirconium plated FRAUD – Roger Stoned.
John Eastman- SOUR mop squeezing’s.
Peter Navarro-Green Bay intestinal sweep.
Clucking Josh Hawley- Deboned X-Senator.
Lindsey Graham- SPINELESS, yellowish gastropod.
Back stabbing Kevin McCarthy-Ginsu Knife salesman.
Gym Jordan- pronoun shower coach.
Calloused Thumb PEDDLE-O-file – Flatt Gaetz.
Stephen Miller- NAZI lip schtick- any FASCIST dip stick.
Jeffery Clark, Tom Cotton- constitutional TOILET plungers.
Pardoned Paul Manafort- LYING GRIFT driver.
Ben Carson- Dr. TERMITE.
Betsy DeVos-VAMPIRE nun con-artist.
Rick Perry- plastic Rodeo SHOVEL.
Mike Pence-White cheddar CHESUS.
Jeffery Sessions- poll dancing CONFEDERATE missionary commission.
FETID Kentucky Wind Sock…Ditch McConnell.
Saudi sword swallower-Jared Kushner- spouse… lil’Princess HAND-OUTS.
Green card gameshow hostess “PORN charity”- pre-nup “Melania”
Apprentice MUCK rake- “JUNIOR”- (under achiever).
Mo Brooks, Gosar, Tuberville- three STOOGE golf cadies.
Bearded, Potbelly, gerbil – Ted Cancruze.
Pale, FAIL, male- snail -DeJoy Inc.
Competitive eater- Bleached TROLL-Gini Thomas.
“Praise the lowered” … SC clown bus – 6 QUARTz LOW.
Evangelical flying CPAC monkeys.
EMPTY SHIRT Foundation lobbyists, NRA Deploribillies.
Weaponized Republican MOBS- (Demanding-JUST US).
Election dispute Crack pots- assaulting Capitals.
24-hour WHITE NATIONALIST STUPIDITY… Live school shootings!
A GOP swamp that never drain$.
Donald Trump’s … Masters of political DISASTERS.

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Signed: Glenn Jones