trump stole documents worth TRILLIONS


Maggie Haberman- a New York Times reporter suggested perhaps Trump considered- TOP SECRET classified documents -(he stole) – souvenirs- “a CHOTCH-kee”.

Various media parrots chimed in with all sorts of idiotic variations on her theme-
-are adult reporters this stupid?

Any of these “genius reporters” render a “financial value” on these many boxes of Government secrets?

Biggest BANK ROBBERY in American history and the NYTimes implies perhaps-these were just “participation trophies” stashed in Trump’s basement.

Lob any soft balls lately?

Is making excuses for king GRIFTER a job description?

No finer display of how wealthy white CROOKS are pampered- compare Trump’s treason to anyone else caught RED handed.

Let’s publicly “wonder out loud” what IS the value for detailed information on American nuclear submarine propulsion?
Perhaps Melania can throw in some current CIA Euro spy data? Don’t forget- she speaks 45 languages beside Russian.

Macron was specifically featured in Trump’s trove of GOLDEN trash for political leverage.

Every SECRET detail on French President Emmanuel Macron could be TRADED for campaign grift donations -payable to Trump’s Swiss bank account Charity.

For his politics – no other European leader is of “more targeted interest” to Vladimir Putin, than Macron.

GOSH! another amazing coincidence.

Being conservative … I place what Trump stole at TEN TRILLION DOLLARS.

What do you say Maggie Haberman?

Prove everybody wrong- and I will gladly grift you a “made in China” RED ball cap- TCHOTCHKE.

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