My real name is INNA YASHCHYSHYN

“Anna De Rothschild” …(explaining)- Mar-a-Lago for MAGA dumbbells.

Dreamed up by Jeffery Epstein for casino, con artist, cohort- Donald Trump.

An orange stucco- used car dealership, putt-putt, Bojangles franchise.

Domestic chores – (handled by undocumented colored people).

Front desk staff – unvetted eastern European bimbos (Melania WannaBees)- getting their leg up in “society”.

Bimbo’s with “a brain” –(typically foreign nationals)- …ZERO security clearance necessary for fake HEIRESS types like me!

Everyone here pretends- creepy Republican men ALWAYS MEET interested pretty girls – playing the green, or bending over in the rough, maybe just… “hangin out” with boobs at the pool.

My FAKE CHARITY is called “United Hearts of ESPIONAGE”, -I mean…” mercy”.

Sound like some BS- Measl-ania concocted?

Miseryania and I graduated from same Eastern European troll factory in Vladd-ru-chequnia.

Does Secret Service realize how difficult it is for a 33-year-old FAKE HEIRESS to FAUN interest- in creepy, racist, FASCIST assholes like Lindsey Graham or Trump?

Mctrumpdia Climbed to the top of a GOP political dung heap because- at “troll factory” she perfected (molded herself) into perfect CAPITALIST yard ornament.

Keys to TOP SECRET SAFE for Vlad meant… Moldlandia molded herself into human golf tee.

Trump sets diet Coke on her concrete head while her teeth “gently” hold his balls.

“Crooked swing Mr. President-WHITE into the SWAMP- chipped FRONT TRUTH right out of bitches head!” whispers Lindsey.

We worship picture of Mistrustnia’s sacrifice at TROLL FACTORY in Vlad-Ru… it hangs in golden shower room hall of shame- I mean fame.

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Signed: Glenn Jones