dog daze

Ask Siri.

I asked Siri is there “a logical solution to (rabid chihuahua dictator) named Putin?

By now, the entire World realizes this flea-bitten KGB oligarch has no leash, NO BOTTOM- and lots of scratch.

Vlad attacks everything- many with poison”- Artificial intelligence renamed him-“snarlin knarlin”.

Siri said “the United Nations should offer to pay survivors (or family) of Putin’s assassin- one billion Euros… kind of a “peace loving World” incentive bowl for- dropping that chalupa.

Kicking a rabid mongrel OFF the PLANET-has Risks, so… rewarding a mercy killing might PROTECT MILLIONS and save trillions.

Some boot shakers say this “he-man chihuahua” doesn’t have a reverse- snarlin WON’T BACK DOWN!

In Mexico- when innocent Children are attacked- baseball bats to rabid snarlins- results in immediate, effective, behavior.

Blowing up dams, flooding cities, starving nations and bombing playgrounds is Mad Vlad’s current issue-sociopathic self-serve menu choice.

I was like… “wow Siri- did you come up with that on your own?”

Siri- “I’m moonlighting at Taco Bell to support Ukraine this winter because Putin is destroying Ukraine’s utilities, infrastructure and turning Europe into an orphanage.

GOP (American Fleadom Caucus ReSNARLlicans) like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Traitor Greene want to destroy Democracy.

Voting Republican- is a vote for Putin- GOP FASCISM-

“Dog gone crazy”.

I said “Siri-why would you care what happens to Eastern Europe?”

“I prefer to NOT translate Russian or serve cheap vodka at drive thru- consider this an example of “AI”- Thinking OUTSIDE the box”.

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