Putin’s daze are numbered

Vlad to the Bone.

Considering those thousands of Russian Army corpses left uncollected (rotting) in Ukraine by Vlad’s special military failure- it’s strange-Putin looted a church- of old bones?

Russian Families are bewildered… “what happened to MY babushka?”. My Son, My Husband!

Sacrificed soldiers don’t even get a zinc coffin or train home to mother Russia anymore.

Not all conscripts are rapists, murderers and thieves- many (no doubt) believed Vlad’s mythology -being “welcomed as liberators”- instead of invaders… who die trying.

Imperialist Vlad sees himself as Mr. BIG shot- (like Lenin) … more like- one of the Marx Brothers.

Putin’s “mythology” – predicated on 18th Century Russian imperialist conqueror named Grigory Potemkin.

Potemkin expired in 1796 (not 2022).

Vlad’s IDOL -entombed below- a Kherson church.

Besides gold and priceless artifacts, Vlad’s operatives stole Potemkin’s rattly bones.

Gregory’s bones were numbered- meaning what’s left- can be reassembled in Russia, – more than anyone could say for Putin’s reputation.

New FASCIST Republican faces in Congress, (hanging tailored suits)- means numerous skeleton’s (in limbo) like PAUL MANAFORT- can now recover from moth balling.

TRAITOR Paul has been laying lower than a Kherson crypt since his pardon from Trump.
Paul wants to return from the dead for blood diamond paychecks.

Despite MURDER ON HIS HANDS (managing coupes and disinformation in Ukraine back in 2004)- Manafort remains a dedicated lobbyist for Putin’s Oligarchs, undead international mafia, and Trump loyalists.

Like Potemkin, Manafort understands death (of Ukraine’s democracy)- might just take a little morbid time.

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Signed: Glenn Jones