This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Defund a Mental Racist

Keep America free: Defund a mental racist!

mental racist
Defund a mental racist!

Donald Trump is the biggest worm ever to come out of the Big Apple.

Trump’s Truth Social posts: A cornered rant.

Irate you out of control.

Trump promotes himself ad nauseam.

Republicans have abandoned Uncle Sam for Uncle Scam.

Fox news is smearly avoiding reality.

MAGA wants Trump to stay the coarse.

What do you get when you cross the United States with the Trump Organization? Racka-tyranny.

Trump demands the free dumb to remain ignorant.

The GOP: Inhumanity they trust.

Empty promises guarantee politics as use-you-all.

Conservatives court supreme hypocrisy.

Clarence the cross-eyed lyin’ is mainly just a 21st century “Uncle” Thomas.

Russia’s military: Gone kaputin’?

Greed continually goldrushes to disaster.

Corporations claim that it’s simply their nature to urn profits.

Global warming needs to be addressed with less conversation and more conservation.

Environmental policies offer a teeming game plan.

It’s always pauseable to start over again.

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