This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Coup-Coup Catch You!

You are the wall-nut! Coup-coup catch you!

Coup-coup catch you!

Trump just dropped in to see what condition his sedition was in.

The tea party is frighteningly inciteful.

Beware the true believer whose grasp on reality is unreeling.

Ignorance is always a fool. but never knows why.

Republican infighting: Snivel war.

Trump believes in dupe process.

Have you thugged a police officer today?

Election lawsuits: Trump’s delusion, null and void.

Propaganda is a myth-print.

Too many tricks mean no more tweets!

The only kind of unity the GOP is interested in is impunity.

If Trump wants a military-style send-off, might I suggest a firing squad?

There can be no closure without disclosure.

To feel wanted, imagine everyone is out to get you.

No rest for the wicked. Just arrest.

Let the chumps fall where they may.

If you’re too introspective, look out!

Uncle Sam Wants You (but he’ll settle for a percentage).

Live free or pay the price.

Ralph Lombard