NRA, Facing Increasing Hatred From U.S. Citizens, Reacts with More Intimidating Propaganda Tactics

New NRA propaganda campaign’s code name is “Bloodless Coup.”

The National Rifle Association, under intense pressure to not lose the control they have over American politics, has embarked on a new NRA propaganda relations campaign designed to keep naive Americans under their psychic spell and their intimidation thumb.

NRA propaganda campaign

It’s code name is “Bloodless Coup.” It is designed to keep people under control and cowering.

Using more intimidating tactics than they have ever done before this new drive wants to hit Americans where they are the most vulnerable — in their paranoia’s and their egos. Their most recent commercial, aimed at high schoolers who are starting to turn against them in record numbers, hits well below the belt. It features hecklers, reminiscent of Nazi Youth club poster boys, taunting the viewer with hate filled rhetoric. “ What’s the matter cowards? You can’t handle a little blood in your school halls? That is what America was born from — the spilled blood of our forefathers… and their children.”

Another segment shows short haired white teens pointing their fingers at the camera and saying “Only pussies are afraid of assault rifles. Are you?” Another teen aims one at the viewer and blasts away. “This is the gun that is going to keep America free! Free for us to rule, that is!”

One new ad for older people takes place in a fancy bar where a nicely dressed woman and a man are chatting. At one point he looks over at the camera and says “Afraid of conceal and carry handgun issues? You should be!” then pulls out a gun and shoots the camera with it.

The most sick commercial yet to come out of the warped minds at the NRA studios is that of a man walking into a gay bar and shooting every one in it in just the 60 seconds that the commercial lasts. After everyone is lying down and bloody, he looks coldly at the camera and states “America was born in the bloody sacrifice that set it free. Why shouldn’t we be willing to sacrifice a bit too?” then coolly walks away. A message appears on the screen – “Keep guns safe in America, not people. Let’s get our priorities straight.”

They then emphasize this new tact again with a commercial featuring an attack on a Democratic assembly meeting with these words scrolled over the bloody end scene stating — “Mass murder — its an American tradition and and now an American institution!”

Incoming Update! — It has been discovered that the NRA is planning on pushing forward a law making individual guns citizens of the United States with the full rights that regular people get. “If it is OK for corporations then it should be OK for guns to have full American rights that any other citizen has! That is the American way!”

Roger Freed