GOP marching orders

Losing Congress-
Democrats should have won everything.

Stolen by the GOP- gerrymandered districts and hack Republican courts changed critical outcomes.
Never mind how voters rights have been crushed by Judge Roberts and his Jim Crow Supreme Court who invited wrecking ball politics and SECRET MONEY DONATIONS.

Long-winded articles about Republicanism- remarkably… avoid discussing their primary marching orders- destroy social security and Medicare.

Rick Scott said out loud what other venture capitalist vultures’ only quietly prey for.

GOP’s scorched earth strategy only benefits the super wealthy.

Working Citizens clinging to dear life without safety nets, is this what Democrats are celebrating?

Behold – Trump announcing his 2024 plans- a LOSER limbo bar serving watery drinks, racist guests, and insurrection at “swamp-o-largo”.

Canada doesn’t suffer American cannibalism indignities –

QUALITY OF LIFE- is written into Canada’s constitution with something besides tweets, cheap mascara, empty prayers and spent shell casings.

America should emulate Canada’s national health care system… BUT DOESN’T.

TAX WEALTH FAIRLY, prevent citizens from being wiped out by wall street Ponzi schemes, crypto currency frauds and MAGA style carnival barkers.

Liberal Citizens are threatened- “work 10 times harder now” if you hope to dodge this GOP PAWN SHOP of HORRORS- again.

The richest country in the world – governed by crooked Supreme Court decisions and GOP zillionaires like Rick Scott and Musk.

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Signed: Glenn Jones