George Santos FUR president!

George Santos for President!
Kevin McCarthy officially welcomes “Fabricated Congressman Elect-CURIOUS GEORGE SANTOS”-
to his lunatic fringe grooming CREW- “ LOOK-another flea”
“GOP MONKEY business” and slippery banana tree financing prevented Santos from falling through ethical floor board. “Flea overboard !!!”
slipped again?
lacking appeal? Pull a Santos… out of your arse.
George proclaimed himself a Gay, Millionaire, Jewish landlord with an outstanding education. His executive resume earned my vote…
(HE schemed honest anyways). ??
You could say Santos is the funniest goy you -(n)ever- met.
Will the REAL curious George please swing down from his bullshit vine!
That’s a TARZAN JOKE! He’s got a million of em. “Scratching Insurrectionist fleas”
Nothing “embellished” – perhaps Santos is “just naturally” a corroded, smoking exhaust pipe of diarrhea.
On FUMES alone- Santos sailed into DC without brakes, training wheels, scruples or adult steering-
sound familiar?
Santos attended Trump’s insurrection pipe dream- with bells on his bone spur.
monkey see- monkey DOO.
“Tell em anything” lavished Trump, “you’re my kinda misfit sociopathic GRIFTER.”
Everything Santos claims was patched together like Trumps hair-
A fake MAGA orangutan suit, stolen at a SECRET DOCUMENT Mar-o Lago Halloween party. “flea drinks”
Santos never graduated high school, but he did bounce checks in Brazil, (that counts as international financing, right)? Flea checking!
This flea-bitten GOP circus can only get batter!
Those pesky fruits and flies are baked right in folks!
“Time flies like an arrow, and fruit flies like a banana”
-(that’s a Santos ORIGINAL THOUGHT)…
MEANING… another lie.

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Signed: Glenn Jones