Curious George Santos

George Santos is a “real Curious George”.

The sad truth about Darling George is- one primate- couldn’t accomplish this alone.

A Republican jungle HOOTS victory- as teammates.

– LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL- every banana.

Measure this collaborative GOP crimewave for yourself friend-
They put the “I” in team, and Georgy in their jungle.

Not one Nausea County Republican resigned in protest during that
Stage-managed SHOCK and AWE.

cronyism- came through for ZOO keeper McCarthy.

Long Island GOP delivered an ape Congressman- in the form of a “Jew-ish Ham grenade” .

RANCID meatings “made their cut” because they ALL signed, sealed and packaged Georgy- like fetid liverwurst wearing a bow tied.

Coaching Georgy, holding his WEINER, elephant rides to the freakshow – right (WING) on schedule.
Only a truly narcissistic, pathologic, liar… could relish being a shameless asshole.


George attended TRUMP UNIVERSITY- (meaning Don’s insurrection in DC).
Santos – directly linked to Russian influencers, donations and delusions-

Santos – videotaped “bragging” to having been in Russia “many times”.

George loves attention- “My multiple personality untouchable schemes came true!!”

FakeMOUS MEEE! Worldwide celebrity.

A self-induced sick-ish cartoon-

THAT man, in the steamy “brown-ish Yellow Hat”… IS Kevin McCarthy-

“That Clown monkey I bought is crapping on ME!”
Carnival barkers’ big yellow hat -isn’t clean now-ish… is it?

I’m afraid for silly little George-
Georgy might suffer a terrible, crippling, (speaker induced) gavel hammer accident.
(This does happen)- Not knowing… who’s who-
In Da ZOO.
Poor George.

John Thomas
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Signed: Glenn Jones