Supreme Court Justice Roberts desecrates every Law he touches.

Roberts should investigate HIS OWN leaky drawers.

A paternalistic, vendetta driven, malicious overturning of ROE/WADE- Penned by Roberts Christian fascist pal- Alito.

If this leak was such a “grave attack on our precious legal system”- (Roberts words) involve the FBI.

How could powerless Curley- (a Court appointed “subordinate”)- legitimize anything? conclude anything? – NO Court Justices (or wives) signed affidavits, NOTHING done under oath.

In one minute, three blind stooges could determine- “leaker” is two-faced Gini Thomas.

Alito… leaked a similar decision regarding “Hobby Lobby” (months earlier) at his private dinner party (fundraiser) entertaining giddy religious patrons.

Investigate Alito, a bribe taking, BIGMOUTH.

Indite Justice Thomas wife- Gini- (Arrogant, Evangelical, insurrectionist driven, bleached whale busybody) a “holy CRAP” impersonation of a human being.

Above every Law they pretend to serve.

This “bum rushed” radical right court serves ONE master- the Federalist Society.

Allowing elitist corporate money to influence the Court and American elections- Robert’s 2008 “grift” – Opening flood gates of raw corruption-
trash like Trump and Santos.

Roberts shit decision called “Citizens United” -has NOTHING to do with “uniting citizens” just as today’s GOP “American Freedom Caucus” – NEVER about freedom.

Blaming liberals- that’s Robert’s “go to, predictable, rote, opinion- unsigned, uncouth, – unAmerican.

Secretly colluding, violating American trust- stripping EVERY woman’s sovereignty.

Gini’s religious toilet LEAKED EVERYTHING to “lock down conservative doubters”

Federalists “treat” laws (they don’t like) as- disposable diapers.

Federalist “good OL days” -women as chattel, humans as slaves.

John Thomas
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Signed: Glenn Jones