Eggs or Gas? Who Do I Have to Cluck to Get Some?

Eggs or Gas

Eggs & I – Fun Facts & Fictional Retorts on a Timer!

This Public Service article has only one aim:

After you’ve finished, you’ll be 100% turned off by eggs – therefore  less expensive for those smart enough not to read this drivel!

FACT: The eggs at the grocery store have not been fertilized!  In fact, laying hens at most commercial farms have never even seen a Rooster!

Aha!  I guess that’s why my husband used to say, ‘Start without me’!  haha

FACT: Given the right nutrients, hens will lay eggs with or without having been in the presence of a Rooster!

Is that why my dates go to the Men’s Room when the Check comes?

FACT: Eggs are scarce now because of Bird Flu!

No, I heard it was Eunice – she demands an Epidural!

FACT: They say ‘Don’t Microwave your egg in the shell’!

But I love my Yellow Kitchen!

FACT: There is such a thing as a 1,000 year-old Egg!

I know because that’s what my Gynecologist called my last visit!

And…FACT: The perfect Soft Boiled Egg is boiled for…drum roll: 4 Minutes!

You see, G-d gave us exactly 4 minutes to decide whether we want to eat something that came out of a Chicken’s Butt!

Marilyn Sands