Steve Bannon’s personal judge presides

May 25th 2021, JUST before LOSING office- Trump “FULLY PARDONED” Steve Bannon for money laundering, fraud and conspiracy.

Presiding over this latest trial of Bannon – Federal Judge Carl J. Nichols.

“Cartwheeling” Carl should recuse himself from his legal gymnastics’ charade.

Carl Nichols got APPOINTED by Trump in 2019…(some stretch).

White House Chief st(RAT)egist Bannon’s latest “beast friend” accomplice- Judge Nichols.

Bannon got convicted- “CONTEMPT of CONGRESS”, yet Pathetically, Kid Gloves Nichols decided 4 months jail and $6,500.00 fine is appropriate for an “unrepentant” TRAITOR hording 20 million in grifted loot.

TERRIBLE; Bannon broadcast “ALL HELL’S GOING TO BREAK LOSE” Jan 05 2021- HIS planning, HIS COUP, HIS war room.

WORSE; Judge Nichols “doling out” the smallest possible sentence and micro fine- Nichols added insult to injury saying “he expects his own sentence to be overturned by appeal”???.

Nichol’s lip sticks any insurrectionist cheek.

Essentially…Bannon drop soiled underpants in Federal Court- and Nichols “wet kissed” Bannon’s white FASCIST BUTT.

CONVICT Bannon cries “victim” while Black guys in Mississippi get “hard time” for stealing a carton of cigarettes.

Bannon isn’t even incarcerated; HE awaits appeal on a Chinese yacht.

Perhaps “door stop” Nichols could balance an ass tray on his head while lighting Bannon’s cigar.

This choreographed CRAP is scripted by THE FEDERALIST SOCIETY (Nichols is a member).

“ASS KISSING Rubber stamp Nichols” clerked for the most corrupt Supreme Court Justice in history- Clarence Thomas, (not surprisingly) Gini’s husband Clarence is another well-heeled Federalist GOLD CLUB MEMBER.

Is this a pattern?

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Signed: Glenn Jones