Ship of Fools

George Santos, Jared Kushner-IDENTICAL TWINS-

Read MORON this below.

A PAIR o’ SITES- for sore eyes-

SLUM LORD/ BOTTOM FEEDERS- carping silk suits.

Human barnacles dragging every “SEE WORTHY” value- into MAGA’s foggy toilet bottom.

SHELLFISH self-aggrandizement.

Set agrift Captain!

-A personal, poisoned, entitlement swamp in Florida.

Forensic accounting will Fathom their slimy financial anchor chains.

Santos, Kushner, Trump- secret fundings, ALL below decks.

Proven MURDERERS, Traitors, cut throats.


Jared married Trump’s (Jew-ish) daughter Ivanka.

Jared’s crooked family bought “sunny boys” FAKE Harvard education.

Kushner rewarded Mommy by overpaying 1.8 billion dollars for the “worst real-estate white elephant in NYC history”- (666 Park Avenue).

Jared leveraged (father-in-law) Trump’s White House to find his “latest sheik daddy”- corrupt, WEALTHY Saudi Prince (MBS).

Jared traded (Mar-O-Lago) SECRET DOCUMENTS- MBS paid Jared 2 billion to launder his gore!

Diabolically, Dismembered, disappeared- MBS murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside a Saudi Consulate on October 2nd 2018.

Undertaker Jared’s – NYC mortuary address-666…how prophetic.

Shortly after a deadly DC insurrection- Jared “KEEL HAULED IN” that Saudi paycheck for 2 billion.

Jared “lost interest” in politics, ghost writing a pathetic autobiography titled “Breaking Wind- death by flatulence- Owned/ Punk/ Traitor”

1.8 billion can’t wash away Khashoggis’ innocent blood.

34-year-old, New York, 3rd District, REPUBLICAN- U.S Representative Santos is “twinkle toes” compared to TRUMPS MOBSTERS… except -OF COURSE- Congressman Santos would gleefully ballroom “THIS KILLING”- backwards, in drag, with high heels- for stare change.

Read MORON this above.

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Signed: Glenn Jones