Brad Raffensperger on DAhh line

Trump called Brad Raffensperger 18 times.

Trump obviously never purchased Brad’s book-“Integrity Counts”

Georgia’s Secretary of State protected himself by recording TRUMP’S EXTORTION phone call Jan 02 2021.

Trump blabbers- “it was a PERFECT CALL” … (so perfect in fact)- Mark Meadows and crooked MAGA attorney Cleta Mitchell chimed in-

(Neither will be saved by any bells).

For 60 painful minutes, Brad was called “A CHILD” berated as “SCHMUCK”- threatened with criminal liability- by an unhinged, dish throwing, tyrant- President.

Fortunately- Brad taped Trump’s insane malice – otherwise who knows?

Raffensperger’s Family could have suffered “some terrible car accident”.

Mob boss- EXTORTION – Words matter.

Trump saying “Shmuck” isn’t simply “vile or contemptable”- its Yiddish definition is “penis”.

Cassidy Hutchinson experienced President (MOB BOSS) THREATS.

Cassidy told her story knowing SOME tragedy might otherwise befall her … I assume Ms. Hutchinson is still hiding somewhere, with Federal protection.

Trump MOB speak- “Hey Blad, howz da family? Everyone in da MAFIA sez-stayin healthy iza challenge for Schmuck’s- bla,bla,bla”.

84 years ago- Nazi butchers repeated THIS inhumanity-

Field Marshall VonTrump 1939 (on the line) …” Mayor Soongone? -I NEED YOU TO FIND ME 11,780 JEWS!… What? You refuse? … your family vil be dismembered and sealed in 50-gallon drums!

Soongone- like Jamal Khashoggi, Journalists and Dissidents Mayors.

Trump and Kushner – henchmen, accomplices- bathing in Khashoggis- innocent slaughter.

A not so safe Saudi Consulate.

A boiled alive Turkish sauna- Jared Kushner and Trump Lavishly parsing BLOOD MONEY payments as LOCKS, STOCKS and BARRELS.

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Signed: Glenn Jones