Ohio train wreck central

Railroaded “AGAIN” Ohio.

East Palestine Ohio suffers a political mess beyond Norfolk and Southern’s HAZMAT Fire ball February 06 2023.

LIKE A VULTURE… Trump arrived February 22nd using “locals as a prop” for HIS SICK angertainment ratings.

Trump’s administration- gleefully dismantled railroad safety.

GOP Expedited STRIP MINING remaining industry protocols.

Reckless Deregulations -allowed Norfolk and Southern to cut 9600 jobs- boosting wealthy shareholder payouts 4500% during Trumps term.

NOW…weeks later DeWine STILL refuses to declare East Palestine a disaster area, DeWine has proven to be “Governor bigger hole”.

Biden called (same day)- offering Republican “Governor DeHole” Federal assistance.

Biden isn’t politicizing fear and misery or punishing Ohio for being a red state- Republicans are.

71% of Republican Representatives voted for eliminating OSHA and the EPA, not surprisingly this results in “unsafe” everything.

Citizens of Ohio NOW understand EXACTLY how Puerto Ricans felt when after a hurricane- Trump stayed just long enough to- heave paper towel rolls at perplexed survivors.

Trump TROLL behavior- feeding FEAR stale MAGA nuts.

There isn’t a school shooting, church bombing or ecological disaster Republicans won’t land their golden corporate helicopter on- to blame WOKE LIBERALS.

Tucker! – “VILE for the camera”.

Nothing “beyond Tuckers pale”- FOX Opinion Treason… Rupert Murdoch delivers his poisoned DAILY TRAIN WRECK of shit every day.

Republicans stab democracy, kick community safety in the face, and diminish humanity.

Enough trickle-(gusher)down HAZMAT and feces from FAKE billionaires.

Hear THAT steam whistle Republicans? – “WOKE UP” – VOTE BLUE.

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Signed: Glenn Jones