WACKO texas

Trump incited another full throttle riot in Waco Texas.

White evangelical domestic terrorists deserve GAG ORDERS- not the IDIOT antics of Texas Judge Andrea Bouressa.

A TRUMP APPOINTED STOOGE- the bench mark of thin-skinned authority and poor judgement-
Bouressa allowed Sidney Powell to continue practicing law- instead of simply recusing herself.

Blame also goes out to YOU- Attorney General Merrick Garland -for letting this Texas sized MESS -drag on forever-thanks for nothing.

MAGA’s relentless WAR on America allows Tax exempted Churches to become more militarized, racist, politically paranoid and delusional.

NO civility- NO choir, NO Heavenly hymens- just weaponized racists pretending to be Christians.

TRUMP’S RETRIBUTION TOUR-(his BS words not mine)-

Retribution never includes handshakes or smiles, just some humorless Antichrist LOWERING everyone straight to his personal vendetta Hell.

Federalist society judges enable anarchy and fascism- their rite of passage is based entirely on privilege.

Many sane citizens would GLADLY travel Texas to watch a Taylor Swift or Willy Nelson concert, but never to suffer a hate fest- glorifying Trump stonewalling justice and hurling brimstones.

Judge Bouressa remains forked on Satan’s lap – front row, center.

STOOGE speak your twisted tongues judge; nobody can hear past your sagging robes clanging with those 30 silver coins.

Reserved colosseum seating RIGHT next to the emperor and TRAITOR Sidney Powell.

An evangelical lynch mob OR common sense?

Bouressa chose mob violence- dressed up in her (prayer breakfast) SLUMday best.

This lunacy has nothing to do with normal politics- EVERYTHING to do with Federalist society shills (like Bouressa)- enabling church driven extremists to strangle American democracy.

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