Besides providing an absolute security lockdown, New York’s DA “indictment” landed first- because BIGGER FEDERAL cases depend on access to Trump’s greasy little finger prints.

“Officially” arrested; HIS prints NOW reside in a national data base for law enforcement- nice touch Mr. Prosecutor.

Jack Smith no longer needs a federal judge’s “special” permission (or KID GLOVES) to confirm who’s prints are on what docket.

Donny and Jared Kushner slathered criminality on stolen TOP SECRET documents in Florida.

Forensics will sort out their felony fish stories- because Bojangles “white trash felony food fight” already ran out of katsup.

Prosecutors didn’t care about “Mr.dim wit’s” mug shot- (a pampered scowling yam).

Nobody will remember 45’s stupid private jet or even that a phony MAGA billionaire didn’t pay ANY bail.

The Fed’s clearly have BIGGER FISH to FRY- In this case…a big mouth ass – WHO-swallered the hook.

Sun burnt grifters- no chance of bailing on shameless lives… shorelines disappear before their very lies.

Based on prints (documents Trump says he “never touched”)- expect convictions of espionage in a Federal Court.

Bone Spur “Donny” continues barking into a “hot mic” from a cold fry basket.

Drop chicken tender in the grease.


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Signed: Glenn Jones