Shopping for Judges with the Federalist Society

Federalist Society: War on America.

Most American’s don’t know this “Republican majority” Supreme Court is a DIRECT product of Federalist Society plotting.

Wealthy Extremist, Christian Fascist billionaires have weaponized Courts (all levels) to destroy our Constitution’s separation of Church and State.

Most Court justices are vetted and selected by Leo Leonard- ever heard of him?
Yeah- thought not.

Leo isn’t some “super patriot” battling injustice on behalf of average working citizens-
Federalists call Leo- KNIGHT of the SOVERIGN MILITARY ORDER of MALTA.

Don’t take my word for it- research this yourself.

Google search- Leo Leonard and his FEDERALIST SOCIETY MAFIA.

An authoritarian, secret religious sect – (no different than TALIBAN)- currently controls selecting OUR American Judiciary.

Ever hear this in “main stream media”? Conspiracy not theory.

Secretive clubs- working behind political scenes- never openly bragging about significant (legal) accomplishments (attacks).

Billionaire knights are not braggarts, NO lime lights- they have useful disposable idiots for that.

Federalist society templars playing long games.

Pawns like Clarence Thomas -STEALTHILY MOVED into position, time and Money -not a barrier.
For people with “all the money”- it’s always about power.

Federalists, churches and foundations- help themselves to massive TAX WRITE OFFS.

Robed Sponges, private jets, silk suited grifters, their double crosses- Trump everything.

Serving fascism- DISGUISED AS JESUS.

Our Constitution doesn’t mention “sovereign military orders”.

Find Malta on a globe yet? navigational charts identify an “off limits Island of billionaires and mafia banks” south of Italy.

America shouldn’t recognize Knights, dukes, kings and dictators -meaning… Federalists.

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Signed: Glenn Jones