Penny’s from Heaven

Clarence Thomas presiding- (REMAIN SEATED).

I never walked a mile in Thomas shoes, but never had a LIFETIME APPOINTMENT to the SUPREME COURT either.

Imagine Martin Luther King meeting Clarence- after disclosures of Thomas’ bribes and empty excuses.

Perhaps a younger Ginni Thomas was “brainwashed” and Clarence “misunderstood”- TO WHICH I SAY… (who cares).

Clarence FAILED every obligation.

It’s time American media just call this kettle (black)-

(NOT so hard) … if your DEED BOUND – COLOR BLIND.


Humanity “automatically rises” to welcome (worthy) heroes like Nelson Mandela-
Meeting MLK (would be) a PROFOUND HONOR.

Meeting MLK might have ACTUALLY BEEN POSSIBLE…- IF Thomas wasn’t “undermining America” with Harland Crow types.

Harland Crow- NAZI FETISH, RIGHT WINGER, BILLIONAIRE, RACIST- with jets, yachts, lavish vacations, infinite bribes.

Clarence- Obediently stationed below-Crow’s feed trough.

No matter what else gets revealed -Thomas is a disgrace; (smug) with obvious transgressions.

Another well-heeled, robed grifter, same character (density) as George Santos- only- ten thousand times more dangerous and perverse.

Hand in cookie jar, gorging every last crumb of credibility and public trust.

Thomas and his “white whale” wife are prepared for every honest American to “GO DOWN WITH THEIR SHIP”- the VERY definition of shameless, incredulous- criminality.

Dripping gold plated entitlement, RIGHT WING FEDERALISTS- serve themselves.

MAGA Navy- expect US to abandon OUR ship.

No thanks.

If MAGA had a plank (besides greed)
– they should walk it.

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Signed: Glenn Jones